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Analyzing the target market
providing marketing consultancy
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Presenting the key methods of financing
& partnership with investors
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Providinf the optimum consultancy & solutions regarding your objectives
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Planning every step ahead of you

Trade & Development

International Business With countries such as: Uganda, Kenya, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, U.A.E., Germany,

Engineering Consultancy

Information Technology, Project Management, Inventory Control and Production Planning, Total Productive

Business and Development

Including exports and imports of goods ranging from cellulose industries, beverages, herbal products, bitumen, raw materials, food processing plants, machinery and automobiles
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Sabet Sanat Gostar Company is a leading Iran-Based engineering consulting firm specializing in providing technical and engineering services. We provide our services regarding the latest topics and achievements of Industrial Engineering, Project Management and Information Technology and considering the latest global standards and regulations
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Company Vision

  • Company’s Objectives:

    -Using the latest experiences in fields of Industrial Engineering, Management, Trade, Marketing, and Industrial Production. - Developing competitive competencies. - Strong and active presence in internal and external projects.
  • Company’s Ethics:

    - Honesty in manner and action. - Reinforcement of Human Resources. - Focusing on individuals strong suites. - Complying with obligations. - Continuous Improvement
  • Company Policy:

    Sabet Sanat Gostar Co. is committed to fulfilling the regulations, meeting customer needs and complying with the modern management systems on its way towards fulfilling its policies, gaining competitive advantage in the relevant markets and development of its capabilities. Its purpose is to become one of the leading companies in engineering consultancy, trade and industry using the required resources and facilities and cultivation of proper organizational culture. The company’s main orientations are: The fulfillment of optimized trade goals, Quality Improvement and Customer Satisfaction. Therefore Sabet Sanat Gostar has established the following objectives: 1. Exercising the capabilities of individuals within and outside of the organization. 2. Extension of interaction with all stakeholders including: customers, stockholders, employees, suppliers, and other society groups in order to fulfill their needs. 3. Development of organizational capabilities by training and providing the required facilities. 4. Increasing the organizational capability for fulfilling the identified customer needs. 5. Continuous improvement of processes via identification of weak points and improvement opportunities. 6. Continuous improvement of projects, services and products quality. The company keeps complying with ISO 9001:2008 obligations and moves in line with its guidelines throughout the process of meeting the mentioned objectives. Compelling with the mentioned regulations, making efforts to increase the organization’s credibility and application of the administrative discipline in organizational behavior are considered common organizational responsibilities to which all the employees should oblige. Management representative is responsible for auditing the performance of the system periodically and the managing director is in charge of providing all the required resources.


  • External Business Partners:

    Shareholder, Managing Director, and Chairman of Olives Valley Trading Company (U.A.E) Shareholder, Managing Director, and Chairman of GOL-International Trading Company (Uganda) Shareholder, Managing Director, and Chairman of Vervain Trading & Banking Services Company (Malaysia)
  • Certificates & Licenses:

    ISO 9001:2008 Certificate (Issued by UKAS) License of Bank of Industry and Mine Financial & Banking Consultants Group’s Grade Technical & Engineering Establishment License from Ministry of Industries and Mines Technical & Engineering Permission from Ministry of Industries and Mines Business Card from Ministry of Commerce Establishment and Alteration Announcement from Companies Registration Organization
  • Memberships:

    Financial & Banking Consultants Group Proposals Appraisal & Investing Consultants Society Iran Management Consultants Association The Society of Iranian Industries & Mines Research & Development Centers Iranian Academy of Management Sciences Society of Iranian Value Engineering Iranian Food, Science and Technology Association Iran Project Management Association Iranian Agricultural Economics Society